CPH:DOX met up with DOX:AWARD nominee Helena Trestiková to talk about ‘Mallory’ that has its international premiere at the 13th edition of the documentary film festival.  

What is it that you wish to tell with “Mallory”? 

Mallory is a documentary about a woman who does not give up and keeps fighting. In the course of 13 years, we watch her fight with authorities and bad acquaintances, but also mainly with herself. Again and again, she finds the strength that keeps her going forward.

What do you hope “Mallory” will result in?

We hope that our film can inspire the audience, who feel that they’re not doing well in their life. (And that can happen to almost everyone.) The message of the film is simple: change is possible and hope always exists.

How did you feel when you found out that you were nominated in DOX:AWARD at CPH:DOX? 

I was very happy when I heard about it. CPH:DOX is one of the most interesting documentary festivals in Europe and the selection of our film – and particularly in the DOX:AWARD competition – is a great honor for us. And I hope that the audience will enjoy the film!

Meet the director tonight at the screening of “Mallory” in Grand Teatret at 19:15. Read more about the documentary here.