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Imagine climbing to the top of the antenna on a skyscraper – hundreds of meters above the ground with no parachute. That is what a group of young Russian ‘roofers’ do in the search of adrenaline kicks, crazy selfies and a new way to express themselves in an authoritarian society.

Experience these extreme and fearsome heights, when we present the world premiere of ‘On the Edge of Freedom’ at OBV Studios on March 17th. The film will be introduced by it’s directors Anita Hopland and Jens Lengerke along with producer Søren Steen Jespersen.

After the screening we invite you to calm your nerves with a cold beer while the film composers Morten Svenstrup (Under Byen) and Alfred Benedict perform a live set. The evening will continue with a DJ set by Dokkedal (Den Sorte Skole) and a back to back DJ set by Shatter Hands & Fou Fou who packed their bags with old sovjet vinyl for the occasion.

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‘On the Edge of Freedom’ by Anita Mathal Hopland, Jens Lengerke

Adrenaline rushes and selfies from a crane 400 meters above the ground. Join a group of rebellious Russian youths performing dizzying feats on the top of Moscow. Their endeavours result in wild YouTube videos and reckless selfies on social media. This new kind of visual expression is booming in the former Eastern bloc. And at the forefront of this movement is a young woman. Armed with a GoPro camera, she takes us to the very top and lets us experience this unique rush of freedom. Sweat and nerves are easy to come by as Angela balances on the tip of a crane hundreds of metres above the streets of Moscow. But down below on solid ground, the harsh realities of life await.