In 2014 CPH:DOX added 17 extra screenings to the original programme. But this year, the films at the festival have been so popular that the number of additional screenings are nearly doubled – with 32 screenings in total!


Today you can watch the following films:

‘In Pursuit of Silence’
In a modern world where we are constantly (in)voluntarily surrounded by sound, silence is the ultimate experience of sound itself. ‘In Pursuit of Silence’ is a cinematic listening experience, which will make both audiophiles and everyone else prick up their ears ‘In Pursuit of Silence’ will be screening 17:30 in Cinemateket. Buy tickets here.

‘In Utero’
Life before birth has long been a blind spot in the medical and psychological research of when (and how) our personality and emotional life takes shape. ‘In Utero’ remedies this by allowing doctors, psychologists and scientists to challenge rooted ideas about the foetus as pure biology, and instead see it as a sensitive and emotionally vulnerable being. ‘In Utero’ will be screening 16:45 in Cinemateket. Buy tickets here.

‘Ah! Humanity’
The Harvard-based Sensory Ethnography Lab represents the most advanced contemporary intersection between film and scientific research. Véréna Paravel, Lucien Castaing-Taylor and Ernst Karel’s brand new film and sound opus is thus the continuation of the mammoth work ‘Leviathan’ (New Vision Award, CPH:DOX 2012), which was no less than a defining moment in the worlds of both filmmaking and scientific research.
‘Ah! Humanity’ will be screening 19:30 Cinemateket. Buy tickets here.

‘The Fear of 13’
After 23 years on death row, an inmate who is convicted of murder applies to the court to be executed. But as the highly charismatic narrator’s incredible story unfolds in one single long take in front of a rolling camera, it becomes clear that nothing is as it seems – right until the final twist, which again turns everything you thought you knew upside down. ‘The Fear of 13’ is a phenomenal piece of storytelling and a fascinating character study, which simply does not get any better. ‘The Fear of 13’ will be screening 18:45 in Cinemateket. Buy tickets here.

‘Lost and Beautiful’
One of this year’s most beautiful – and strangest – films. We are among peasants in the countryside of Campania in southern Italy. Here, you live off the earth, and Pietro Marcello makes an honest virtue of portraying rural life with respect for tradition, craft and work. But the picturesque realism does not stop there. Marcello also includes the area’s folk myths, fables and commedia dell’arte adventures, which he Italians have told each other and lived with for centuries – and he does it all within the frame of the same image which in a wildly imaginative manner contains several historical periods at once. ‘Lost and Beautiful’ will be screening 21:30 in Cinemateket. Buy tickets here.

‘Muhammad, The Messenger of God’
Over 200 historical films have been made about Jesus, 120 about Moses, 42 about Buddha, but only two about the prophet Muhammad – and this is one of them. An Iranian epic and now also the country’s official Oscar candidate, based on very real events and thorough historical research. But also a film that does not skimp on anything in its magnificent and emotional tribute to the founder of Islam.‘Muhammad, The Messenger of God’ will be screening 20:45 in Cinemateket. Buy tickets here.

‘A Good American’
Friedrich Moser’s eye-opening ‘A Good American’ soberly unfolds the deeply disturbing story of how corruption, lies and personal ambitions led to the closure of a cheap and effective monitoring system that demonstrably could have stopped the 9/11 terrorist attacks. ‘A Good American’ is a chilling docu-thriller of the most dizzying kind. and may well prove to be one of the year’s most important films. ‘A Good American will be screening 21:30 in Grand. Buy tickets here.

The director’s stepbrother Matthew was one of Ted Patrick’s last ‘clients’. Patrick made a controversial, but lengthy career for himself in the 1970s as an expert in deprogramming and re-socialising brainwashed cult members. Matthew himself was involved in a satanic cult as a teenager. Today, he has dropped out, but his upper body is still tattooed with occult symbols, while he with a dead look in his eyes sucks on his cigarette and talks about his eerie past from the house in the forest, where he has chosen to isolate himself from the rest of the world.

‘Deprogrammed’ will be screening 21:30 in Grand. Buy tickets here.

‘The Wolfpack’
Throughout their childhood, the six Angulo brother have been imprisoned in an apartment in New York. Their only contact with the outside world takes place through video films. Films, which the now semi-adult teenagers have not only seen again and again, but have also recreated scene by scene with their own, home-made props and an old video camera in the cramped apartment.This year’s Sundance winner and a born cult film. ‘The Wolfpack’ will be screening 21:15 in Palads. Buy tickets here.

‘The Corporation’
The modern classic ‘The Corporation’ is a razor-sharp analysis of multinationals that, in the name of the free market, grow into behemoths with powers so vast that we hardly notice it. Mark Achbar and Jennifer Abbott manage to see the forest where the rest of us just see trees. It is pure science fiction right outside our windows, told in a both highly amusing and deeply repulsive style, which consciously imitates typical American PR strategies. ‘The Corporation’ will be screening 17:00 in Vester Vov Vov. Buy tickets here:

‘This Changes Everything’
The climate crisis is not just the greatest and most urgent challenge of our times. It is also the greatest opportunity we have ever had to change the world. The idea behind Naomi Klein’s new, international bestseller is not only really good, it is also the first of many. And her ideas are supported by research on a world tour along the front lines of climate change, from western Canada via southern India to eastern China.

‘This Changes Everything’ will be screening 21:15 in Vester Vov Vov. Buy tickets here.
‘This Changes Everything will also be screening 17:00 in Grand. Buy tickets here.
… and 17:00 in Empire. Buy tickets here.


‘The Visit’
‘The Visit’ is a piece of documentary science fiction and a cinematically and philosophically staggering thought experiment brought to life. A journey in time and space, where we even end up going all the way into the spaceship – and an opportunity to recognise that the universe around us is infinitely greater than ourselves.

‘The Visit’ will be screening 17:00 in Gloria. Buy tickets here.

‘Among the Believers’
The film follows Ghazi’s Islamic sect, the Red Mosque, and the children who attend his school. Wherever the movement takes hold, the Islamists close the regular schools and instead offer their own, free Koranic schools, which slowly radicalise the children and youth. But it is far from all Pakistanis who agree with Ghazi, and when thousands of demonstrators and the army clash with the Islamists, things quickly become violent. A shocking insider report from a society at odds with itself, and an important film in a time when the media coverage is overflowing with atrocities, but rarely shows where radicalisation comes from. And that there are many ordinary people fighting against it. ‘Among the Believers’ will be screening 17:30 in Empire. Buy tickets here.

‘Cartel Land’
‘Cartel Land’ is a harsh, journalistic reportage from the danger zones of a drug war that is dissolving an entire nation from within. Right from the first scene, where masked gangsters are boiling crystal meth in the desert in the middle of the night, we are right in the heat of battle, where the only thing that everyone has in common is a ruthless lust for power, unlimited access to weapons and an internal corruption that threatens both the cartels, police forces and community groups. ‘Cartel Land’ will be screening 22:00 in Empire. Buy tickets here.

‘Banksy Does New York’
The world’s indisputably most famous and infamous graffiti artist, Banksy, turns New York upside down when he invites graffiti enthusiasts, art connoisseurs and followers on a one month-long treasure hunt in the city’s streets. Every day, Banksy, who against all odds has managed to keep his true identity hidden from the public, sends thousands of New Yorkers on a frantic hunt against time – with a cryptic clue about the location of today’s work – before the work disappears again. ‘Banksy Does New York’ will be screening 22:30 in Empire. Buy tickets here.