Though CPH:DOX is over for this time, you can still visit four art exhibitions in Copenhagen that CPH:DOX helped co-present. 

CPH:DOX is much more than film, and each year the festival sets a strong focus on the arts. 2015 was no exception and several of the exhibitions that the festival helped organised can still be seen.

Jacob Holdt’s pictures as mirror
You can experience the exhibition ‘American Pictures – who owns the truth?’ at Kunsthal Charlottenborg where Jacob Holdt’s ‘American Pictures’ from the 1970s are shown. The exhibition takes the art piece back to square one, as Jacob Holdt described it in the preface to his book: “as an attack parts on Danish politics, where I used the image of the American bogeyman to point out what certain trends in Denmark (privatization, downsizing) can lead to”. The exhibition questions what we have learned from Holdt’s ideas since the book was first published in 1977? What trends have since then influenced the development in Denmark?

Documentaries vs. performance?
Nikolaj Kunsthal and CPH:DOX co-present the exhibition ‘Embodied’, at the intersection between documentary and performance art, authenticity and staging. Documentaries and performance are direct opposites. But in a selection of contemporary and modern works, the British curator Jacqui Davies explores the area between the artificially rehearsed and the spontaneous, with the body as a political and physical starting point. ‘Embodied’ presents the documented body as a body that can respond and act, and as an object that can be monitored and acted upon. Between interaction and observation the relationship to the body as a political, aesthetic and critical subject is renegotiated.

Iranian satire with dolls, furniture and animal skulls
At Den Frie you can experience ‘Those Who Love Spiders, and Let Them Sleep in Their Hair’, where the Iranian collective Rokni and Ramin Haerizadeh and Hesam Rahmanian for the first time visit Denmark. The exhibition is a total installation in the form of a cabinet of curiosities, where you choose your own path through the work and which includes a number of the trio’s films, in which they often appear themselves. The three artists each have their own individual practices and the collective creates joint projects where their various artistic expressions merge and expand. Through materials such as dolls, furniture, animal skulls, colourful carpets and ceramics, their works is a satirical and humorous way deal with political and social topics that are often controversial in their native Iran.

Contemporary storytelling
In the photographic centre you can experience the exhibition ‘Rewriting Histories’, which examines how history can be retold from a contemporary perspective and thus focuses on a theme in the visual arts, which has been given a new twist and renewed relevance with recent political events. In this exhibition 27 internationally recognised Danish as well as international artists through photography, slide installations, film and video works focus on archiving and storytelling. ‘Rewriting Histories’ is curated by Kran Film Collective in collaboration between artists Lasse Lau (DK) and Benj Gerdes (US) who with their words invite us to consider how culture produces meaning and knowledge. They invite us not only to be passive recipients of history, but active in the creation of the future of storytelling.


American Pictures – who owns the truth?
Kunsthal Charlottenborg, November 6, 2015 – January 3, 2016

Opening Hours: Tue-Sun, 11:00-17:00. Closed Monday. Wednesday open until 20:00. Admission: Adult 60 kr. Students/Retired 40 kr. Group (min 10 people) 40 kr.
Children under 16 free. Wednesday: free access after 17:00.
Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Nyhavn 2, 1051, Copenhagen K.

Nikolaj Kunsthal, Copenhagen, November 6-December 6 2015. 

Participating artists: Katarzyna Badach & Alfredo Ramos Fernández, Yael Bartana, Jérôme Bel, Richard Billingham, Chim Pom, Tacita Dean, Coco Fusco, Louis Henderson, Samson Kambalu, Martha Rosler, Zina Saro-Wiwa, Apichatpong Weerasethakul.
Opening hours: Tuesday-Wednesday, 12:00-17:00 / Thursday 12:00-21:00 / Friday-Sunday 11:00-16:00
Admission: Adults 20 kr./ Seniors 10 kr. / Children under 15 free.
Wednesday free for all.
Nikolaj Plads 10, 1067, Copenhagen K.
Tel 33181780 /

Those Who Love Spiders, and Let Them Sleep in Their Hair
Den Frie, November 7, 2015 – March 6, 2016.

Opening hours: Monday closed, Tuesday-Friday 12:00-18:00, Thursday 12:00-21:00, Saturday 12:00-18:00, Sunday 12:00-18:00.

Admission: 60 kr. (Stud / pens. 40 kr.)
Den Fire, Oslo Plads 1, 2100 Copenhagen. Ø.
+45 33 12 28 03

Rewriting Histories
Photographic Center, 6 November to 20 December 2015.

Hours: Tuesday-Friday: 11:00-17:00 Saturday-Sunday: 12:00-16:00
Admission: 40 kr. Including a glass of wine. Free for members of the Photographic Center, DJ, photographers, art / film students and accredited to CPH: DOX. Normal entrance fee: 25 kr.

Photographic Center
Building 55, Staldgade 16, 1699 Copenhagen V

Participating artists: Akram Zaatari, Andrea Geyer, Benj Gerdes and Jennifer Hayashida, Benjamin Tiven, Inuk Silis Hoegh, Katya Sander, Kajsa Dahlberg, Lasse Lau, Lin + Lam, Matthew Buckingham, Michelle Dizon, Naeem Mohaiemen, Nanna Debois Buhl, Pia Arke & Anders Jørgensen, Raed Yassin, Rania Rafei & Raed Rafei, Regina José Galindo, Robert Ochshorn, Sergio De La Torre, Stéphane Gérard, Sarah Vanagt Katrien Vermeire, William E Jones.

The exhibition will be following screenings, artist talks and events organized in collaboration with DJ: The photographers.

Tue 24/11, 17:00
FILM: Video in Five Movements + Letter to a Refusing Pilot
By Akram Zaatari (LB)

Thurs 26/11, 17:00
FILM: After Engelman + Unidentified Vietnam No.18
By Lin + Lam (VN, CA)

Tue 1/12, 17:00
FILM: Dust Breeding
By Sarah Vanagt (BE)

Weds 9/12, 17:00
FILM: History Does not Have to Repeat Itself
By Stéphane Gérard (FR)